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Hello! I’m Jordy Meow, a French guy born in a small seaside town near Bordeaux. I never thought I would one day move away from my home town. First I went to high school in Bordeaux, then to Paris to study software engineering, to China for my Master’s then, eventually … to Japan! I’m an uncomplicated guy, quite like a child really, but my long legs can take me anywhere so I’m making the most of that. I live in Tokyo and love its convenience, craziness, and the contrast between ancient and new, but my heart truly comes alive in the countryside. I’ve been here for so long already, time flies …

Jordy, abandoned, french, gunkanjima, haikyo, japan, japanese, kyushu, nagasaki, people, ruin, urban exploration, urbex

Jordy, abandoned, french, gunkanjima, haikyo, japan, japanese, kyushu, nagasaki, people, ruin, urban exploration, urbex

This website started as a very simple blog when I moved to China in 2005. Several years later, in 2012, I completely changed the layout. I also wanted the website to reflect what I would like to show the world rather than my private life. It then became Totoro Times. My old blog is still online.

Totoro Times is 95% about Japan and aims to promote the lesser known but beautiful places. The website also includes many surprising and abandoned places such as Gunkanjima and Nara Dreamland. The goal of Totoro Times is to become a fully featured offbeat guide to Japan. I hope that one day you’ll print it (there might be a book!) and take it on your travels along with Lonely Planet. The other 5% of this website is about North Korea, my home town or travel in Asia that I really enjoyed.

abandoned, by-dreamy, gunkanjima, haikyo, japan, japanese, kyushu, nagasaki, on-sale, ruin, urban exploration, urbex

abandoned, amusement park, attraction park, dreamland, haikyo, japan, japanese, kansai, nara, ruin, theme park, urban exploration, urbex

Totoro Times isn’t a business. My main job isn’t linked to travel and even less to photography. I’m a software engineer for a company and I also develop software on the side at Meow Apps. The work on Totoro Times is my hobby and that’s why it’s made with love. I truly want to share my passion with you and this is one of the strengths of the website. It will never be bloated with advertising or featured articles (written by businesses seeking to promote themselves) or any ads. I’ll do my best to keep this level of quality constant and unbiased.



You can help me by correcting my mistakes (factual or grammatical), commenting on my articles, sharing them on social networks and following me on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks a lot for your support as always!

PS: Please avoid contacting about abandoned places whereabouts, dangers or recommendations. I receive 10-15 e-mails about this subject everyday and I can’t even take the time to read those. If you have any questions, please let a comment on this website or on Haikyo and participate on the Facebook of Totoro Times. I reply regularly 🙂

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Updated on December 13, 2010.
Written by Jordy Meow.