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Bassin d’Arcachon

Bassin d’Arcachon

This is the part of South France that is not so famous, and you’d rather it stay this way. Maybe I should not write much about it, so I can keep it all to myself.

Arcachon - Seagull


There is the forest, so vast, so deep.
There is the endless coastline, the waves rise high.
Then there is the Dune, in the middle of the two; only to lift you up closer to the sky.

Le Teich - Woods Path

Path in the woods, at Le Teich.


Arcachon - Stairs

Direction l’océan.


Arcachon - Beach

La Lagune Sud.


Arcachon - Seagull

Une mouette.


Arcachon - Boat and the Great Dune

Un voilier en face de la Dune du Pyla.

There you are guaranteed for a tan. Afterwards you can always take a walk with the refreshing air to cool yourself down. You can also pick some mushrooms for dinner, on your way home through the forest, then later on get drunk with the world’s finest wine.

Vous êtes assuré d’un beau bronzage ici ! Et vous pouvez toujours marcher ensuite pour profiter de l’air pur pour vous rafraîchir. Vous pouvez aller aussi cueillir quelques champignons pour le dîner, sur la route du retour à la maison, via la forêt. Pour plus tard finir saoul, enivré par les meilleurs vins du monde.

Arcachon - Bassin d'Arcachon

Vue du bassin depuis La Teste de Buch.


Arcachon - Kitesurf

Le kitesurf, un sport de plus en plus populaire.


Arcachon - Flying Kitesurf

Impressionnant ! Quand je retournerai vivre en France, ça sera surf et/ou kitesurf, clairement !


Arcachon - Stormy Waters

La raison pour laquelle je ne vivrais jamais sur la Côte d’Azur.

One would easily describe this as luxurious enjoyment. But I would avoid it because it is so natural. You do not need any 5 star hotels to ensure a private beach, the beach is generous enough for everyone to have as much privacy as you wish. You would not need to go to a fancy restaurant to get a nice bottle of wine, the wine yards are all close by, within your driving range.

Cap-Ferret - Flowers

Un beau ciel, de belles fleurs !


Cap Ferret - Quiet Seashore

Un petit littoral tranquille et reposant.


Cap-Ferret - Beach

Plage du Cap-Ferret, côté Bassin d’Arcachon.


Le Teich - Swamp

Au fond du Bassin d’Arcachon.


Arcachon - Casino

Casino d’Arcachon.

If you linger around the beach at night, the whole world is yours; the stars so low and the sea so enchanting. You can easily lose yourself completely and helplessly, in front of the pure nature. It is such a impressive place, that one would need to gather up courage in order to face it without trembling; while at the same time feeling the absolute peace, that takes everyone home to where we came from, a very long time ago.

Arcachon - Fireworks

Feu d’artifice du 14 Juillet, à Arcachon.


Le Teich - Moon

La lune, vue de la maison, au Teich !



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