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One Day in Izu Peninsula

One Day in Izu Peninsula

In summer, the Izu Peninsula is ideal to spend a refreshing week-end. Located a hundred kilometers away from Tokyo, I strongly suggest to rent a car to enjoy the fabulous seaside (using the national 135). Here is what is possible to do during one day.

Shirahama Beach (Shimoda)

This beach is definitely the highlight of the Izu Peninsula. White sand, turquoise water, little waves and a cute, very red tori. Well, welcome on one of the best beaches in Japan!

Shimoda Beach Entrance

Shirahama Beach Entrance.

Shimoda is a historical place. Before 1854, the country was closed to the foreigners and if any of them were found on the territory, they were killed instantly. However, after the arrival of Matthew Perry and his Black-Ships at Shimoda, Japan was forced to open its doors.

Shimoda Beach

Shirahama Beach.


Shimoda Beach Tori

Shirahama Beach Tori.


The Tori & The Wave

The Tori & The Wave.

Anyway! Where are the Japanese girls wearing nice bikinis? Actually I am really sorry about that, but I will disappoint you. Most of them are bathing wearing horrible shorts, t-shirts and Crocs shoes. Too bad!

But don’t worry. If you are that hungry there is a really nice restaurant nearby with a huge ikura-don : “伊豆高原ビール本店レストラン“.

Huge Ikura-don

Huge Ikura-don.

The Seven Waterfalls of Kawazu

Not far from here, in the mountains, there is a location even more refreshing. It’s a walk of one kilometers that goes through seven waterfalls. It’s a bit of a famous place for Japanese people because the story of The Dancing Girl Of Izu is told along the path.

Shiranutaike Waterfall

Shiranutaike Waterfall.




The Cactus Park

The Izu Shaboten Park was a real surprise for me. It is a botanical park but it also has many animals, especially birds, rodents, monkeys… and many of them are free to roam around! And it is a real pleasure to meet them randomly.

View from Shaboten Park

View from Shaboten Park.

We can meet the famous capybaras. They are the biggest rodents in the word, they weight as much as human beings, run as fast as horses, bark like dogs but can also purr like sweet cats. Isn’t this incredible 😉




Turtle Shaboten Park

Turtle Shaboten Park.





Shaboten Park Izu

Shaboten Park Izu.


Diner in Izu

Diner in Izu.

If you have some more time, you must visit the Mount Omuro. It is a beautiful extinct volcano covered by a fur of very green grass. It is located right next to the Shaboten Park.

Ishibu Ricefields (石部の棚田)

I have always dreamed of seeing terrace ricefield around Tokyo and finally I think I have found one of the best ones! Here are the Ishibu Ricefield. You will find them on the West coast of the Izu Peninsula. They are perfect to enjoy a romantic sunset.

Ishibu Rice Fields

Ishibu Rice Fields.


Ishibu Tanada

Ishibu Tanada.

If you manage to find a ryokan for the night on the East coast of the peninsula then wake-up early. The sunrise is also really lovely.

Izu Sunrise

Izu Sunrise.

Izu is a nice place to relax. Don’t try to do too much and to plan too many things since it takes some time to get from one point to the other. Go there and enjoy your day the way you like it 🙂

PS: Seen any mistakes? I am sure you did ^^ Please notify me, thank you!

  • Oh my, so beautiful!
    This has been on my list for a loooooooooooooooooong time now! 😉

  • Andika Ikhsan

    oh God, this is awesome!!!!
    is it still okay to go there NOW?


    • In September or October, I am not so sure… from June to end of August, yes 🙂

      • Andika Ikhsan

        i just came back from Izu as of now! 😉

        • So where did you go? Did you have a nice weather?

          • Andika Ikhsan

            i went to shirahama, shimoda and spent a night at Ito
            yes, the weather was nice! one day after the taifun and the sky was really clear for two days
            worth it!
            now your nikko post is tempting me.. lol

          • Haha, yes, Nikko is also awesome. By any chance, do you have any photo of Shimoda or Shirahama to post here in comments? That would be fun to see 🙂


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