I’ve been a published author since the end of 2013, so here’s a list of my books that are tearing out the hearts of Amazonian and Indonesian forests, not to mention the souls of art lovers. I’m exaggerating, of course, being very proud of these books.

Nippon no Haikyo : Vestiges d’un Japon Oublié (2013)

This was my first publication to hit the bookstores. It came out in November 2013, thanks to the skills of Éditions Issekinicho, in a heavy, deluxe edition. My best adventures are described here. It was also the first book on Japan’s forgotten sites to be published in a language other than Japanese.

Corée du Nord : Escale Photographique (2014)

I had the opportunity to make a very curious trip to North Korea, just a month after Kim Jong-il’s death in 2011. A journey that I recount in photos accompanied by simple, toned-down texts to set the scene, the historical background, the places visited, and of course my feelings about this trip.

Birei no Haikyo / 美麗廃墟 (2014)

This was the first book I had published in Japan. Released in December 2014, it contains additional photos to my previous work and some explanations of the ruins in Japanese. The site selection is rather special because it’s in the spirit of Ghibli studio animations, with plenty of little surprises (drawn by Sophie Dreamy) hidden in the pictures! Even the publisher wasn’t aware of this. He probably still isn’t. If you have a copy, take a closer look!

Abandoned Japan (2016)

Abandoned Japan was released in November 2015 by Jonglez Publishers. This was my first book in English and I was almost entirely responsible for the layout. As there are few opportunities to publish English-language books on ruins, I worked assiduously on the content and revisited many sites to take better shots.

Next up …

I’m gradually preparing more titles, but I’m not giving anything away yet 🙂
I also have yearbooks, rare books and collectors’ items, such as might be spotted lying on a table. Self-published, they present my adventures of past years with hidden secret photos! In 2020, I’ll be celebrating the tenth of them.