I am a photographer and software developer based in Tokyo, constantly creating and enhancing projects. I would like to make life a bit easier for everyone, then I will retire on some island and spend the rest of my life drawing and surfing… surrounded by beach cats! Meanwhile, if you are interested in traveling virtually with me, please visit Offbeat Japan or read my book Abandoned Japan.

Japan 200%

Legendary Nippon (名)

Japan is already well-known for certain places, I propose you to revisit them.

Offbeat Japan (秘)

Let's explore Japan's remote and secrets locations. As NOT seen on TV.

Battleship Island (嶌)

I made five visits to Gunkanjima forbidden area.

Abandoned Japan

Haikyo: Stories (墟)

Abandoned Japan is paradoxically bright and full of living memories. Come and see.

Haikyo: Lost Edo'en (戸)

There is a last chance of exploring the most fragile parts of Japan.

Haikyo: Follies (変)

Let's go wild, invoke the spirits, bring everything back to life.



Ikuzo is a map editor for travelers, photographers and explorers.


Ambitious project gathering the bloggers living in Japan around a map.

Plugins for WordPress

Developed a whole bunch of plugins for WordPress.